A new post-election Internet security paradigm?

From Newsweek to the Drudge Report to the The Huffington Post, it seems that everyone is talking about an unexpected big winner on election night - the Internet.  Has a paradigm shift arrived?

The day after the election, Newsweek broke a story about both campaigns getting hacked.  Other headline-grabbing stories popped up this week (along with video analysis from Fox News) regarding the White House getting hacked.  

Meanwhile, the role of the Internet under the upcoming administration is receiving huge coverage. Information Week reported Obama Election Ushers in First Internet Presidency. Here's an excerpt:

"The 2008 presidential election marked two great changes of the guard. The biggest immediate change, of course, was the election of an African-American Democrat as the next president of the United States.

But perhaps a bigger change over the long term was the crowning of the Internet as the king of all political media. It was the end of the era of television presidency that started with JFK, and the beginning of the Internet presidency."

Is this the start of something different - a paradign shift?  Just for the record, I think this election will change political campaign strategies, at all levels of government going forward. Security will also have a new seat at many tables. 

What are your thoughts?  If this is a new day, what should security professionals do differently now?


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