Corporate break-in! Apple responsible?

MacWorld blessed the world with new Apple goodness last week.  I’m sure you have seen the commercials or the web-hype surrounding the MacBook Air.  My wife a noted technophobe simply said “wow” when she saw the Air for the first time yesterday evening.  I’ve got to say that I agree.  From a purely aesthetic point of view there is a simplistic elegance to the Air that is unmistakeable. 

Unfortunately, this will likely lead a good number of C-level types into a frenzy of buying.  Please note, I said “unfortunately”.  Last week I posted on the absence of viable whole disk encryption for the Mac.  The last thing a corporation needs is some executive toting around a shiny new toy that holds gobs of unencrypted confidential data.  Heck the MacBook Air practically comes with a steal me sign.  It’s the hottest new toy from Apple and is ripe for the pluckin’.   While the Air is certainly pretty, I must say that I would have been more impressed if Apple would rethink its security strategy. 

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