#FFSec: Security pros to follow on Twitter, Jan. 11 (NEW FORMAT)

Follow these names on Twitter. Together, they make cyberspace a more secure place. (copy and paste)

Starting today, I'm doing things differently with this list. I'll still have all the handles below, but before it will be a list of five standouts for the week. I'll tell you in my own words what they do and why I think you should follow them. Each week the list of five will be different.

I'm hoping to expand the list to 10 a week, broken into two editions in the morning and afternoon. But for sanity's sake I've opted to start small.

No lobbying me to make that list, please. It doesn't work that way.

Here we go. Your feedback is welcome.

This week's standouts:

1.) @krypt3ia (Scot A. Terban): This man amuses and enlightens me daily. He delivers his opinion on the security news of the day with a bite. He's especially effective at shooting down attack and threat reports he deems FUD-laden.  Check out his blog here.

2.) @beaker (Chris Hoff): Hoff has been a valued source of mine for several years, especially on matters of cloud security. He is one of the most prolific contributors on Twitter and has worked tirelessly to reshape this industry into a community. Check out his blog here.

3.) @georgevhulme (George Hulme, AKA Monkey Boy): In the interest of full disclosure, I hire George for a lot of work. And why not? He's one of the hardest-working infosec journalists I've ever come across. He's led the charge in covering the growing threats to our national infrastructure, and he has earned the respect of many. See some of his work here.

4.) @wimremes (Wim Remes): He's a managing consultant at IOActive, director at ISC2 and an organizer at BruCON. He's also real -- a critical thinker who will challenge your assumptions. I know, because he's challenged mine, and I'm better for it. Check out some of the presentations he has given, via his LinkedIn page.

5.) @joshcorman (Joshua Corman): Akamai's resident philosopher isn't afraid to think big and come up with ideas to improve security. He has headed up the RUGGED movement for more ironclad security in the software-writing process, and he co-wrote some important articles about "building a better Anonymous." See his blog here.

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Also recommened for following:

@spiderlabs, @OWASP, @Tactical_Intel @MichaelDPeters @cindyv   @lothie @SecureTom @chort0 @obscuresec @pdp11hacker @ITSecurity  @krypt3ia @shunkydave @humanhacker @Chimerically @anchisesbr  @thorsheim @securitygen

@davidoberry @K0nsp1racy @davienthemoose @MattJezorek @dave_rel1k @c4i @DaveMarcus @jpettorino @theprez98 @quentynblog @kairoer @mike_fabrico  @mtezna

@SecBarbie @ashimmy @beaker @falconsview @georgevhulme @jack_daniel @jtkeating @mgbits @SecRunner @WH1T3RABBIT

@bug_bear @spacerog @myrcurial @benrothke @jjx @dewzi @danielkennedy74 @lauren @Hack_the_Lab @selenakyle

@wardspan @nselby @hrbrmstr

@DrInfoSec @krowney @diami03 @securityninja @danphilpott @DDrazic @halvarflake @BrandenWilliams

 @0security @hackeracademy @InfoSec208 @jaysonstreet @jgarcia62 @darryl_macleod

@dsalons (for the legal perspective) @yo9fah @daveshackleford @pmhesse @wireheadlance @dlitchfield @kevinmitnick

@wimremes @DeathwishDuck @Steve_Hunt @jeffsieben @coolacid @randomuserid

@leighhollowell @petermannmc @Shpantzer @rybolov @csoandy @e_cowperthwaite @grecs

@wikidsystems @lmwalsh2112 @PHYSECTECH @BrianHonan @kriggins @MikD

@WeldPond @mckeay @ken5m1th @SecureSun @mmurray @dacort @wkandek @ivanristic @adamshostack @RafalLos @agent0x0 @rogueclown @alexhutton @joshcorman @armorguy

@quine @rmogull @treyford @gattaca @andrewsmhay @burgessct @mschafer and @lmacvittie @hypatiadotca

@451wendy @CaseyDunham @dallendoug @bknabe @jeremiahg@tottenkoph @stacythayer @pauldotcom @donicer @aloria @SilverstoneA @SecurityBSides @NAISG_atl

@quadling @kidko92 @lennyzeltser @sans_isc @nickf4rr

@jeremiahg @dakami @shrdlu @jsokoly @adamely @SecurityPortal @stacyasimpson  @mikko @daveaitel @gcluley @adamjodonnell @Techdulla

@SecurityExpert @attritionorg @ABCecurity @indi303

@spiresec @securityspeak @hack3rcon @humanhacker

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