A word or two about #DerbyCon

Too many smaller hacker conferences have popped up for me to keep track of. But DerbyCon catches my attention for a few reasons.

I won't be there because I just got back from a New York trip and it's my wife's turn to travel for business, but a look at the speaker list makes me wish I were going.

The event takes place in Louisville, Kentucky Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 at the Hyatt Regency.

Description of the event from the website:

DerbyCon isn’t just another security conference. We’ve taken the best elements from all of the conferences we’ve ever been to and put them into one. DerbyCon is a place you can call home, where you can meet each other, party, and learn. Our goal is to create a fun environment where the security community can come together to share ideas and concepts. Whether you know Linux, how to program, are established in security, or a hobbyist, the ideal of DerbyCon is to promote learning and strengthen the community.

To give you a flavor of the event, here's a partial look at the agenda:

Friday September 30th

10:00am-10:50am KEYNOTE ~ HD MOORE – Acoustic Intrusions

11:00am-11:50am Johnny Long – Hackers for Charity Update

12:00pm-12:50pm Kevin Mitnick + Dave Kennedy – Adaptive Penetration Testing

1:00pm-1:50pm The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) Panel

2:00pm-2:50pm Bruce Potter – The Details Don’t Matter

3:00pm-3:50pm Chris Nickerson – Compliance: An Assault on Reason

Saturday, October 1

2:00-2:50pm Rafal Los – You’re Going to Need a Bigger Shovel – A Critical Look at Software Security Assurance

Chris Gates and Rob Fuller – The Dirty Little Secrets They Didn’t Teach You In Pentesting Class

Ben Feinstein & Jeff Jarmoc – Get Off of My Cloud": Cloud Credential Compromise and Exposure

7:00-7:50pm Tottenkoph – Data Mining for (Neuro) hackers Adrian Crenshaw – Building a Svartkast: Cheap hardware to leave behind on someone else’s network

Sunday, October 2

10:00am-10:50am Peter Van Eeckhoutte & Elliot Cutright – Win32 Exploit Development With Mona and the Metasploit Framework Jayson E. Street – Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin! (Or How I Walked In And Misbehaved)

12:00pm-12:50pm Jamison Scheeres – Social Engineering is a Fraud Ron Bowes – Advanced Nmap Scripting: Make Nmap work for you!"

To those who are going: Enjoy and learn.

To those who are speaking: Good luck!

--Bill Brenner

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