90k email accounts exposed in 'Military Meltdown Monday'

The hacktivist group Anonymous has leaked 90,000 military email account login credentials taken from Booz Allen Hamilton's networks.

Here are some details, according to published reports:

--Gizmodo scribe Sam Biddle wrote that the leaked info includes 90,000 logins of military personnel, "including personnel from US CENTCOM, SOCOM, the Marine Corps, various Air Force facilities, Homeland Security, State Department staff, and what looks like private sector contractors."

--Booz Allen's Twitter page has been plastered with requests for information. To all such requests, Booz Allen tweeted back: "As part of @BoozAllen security policy, we generally do not comment on specific threats or actions taken against our systems." To that, @ThisIsHNN cracked, "happens so often they have a policy!"

--Infosec Island says this latest breach "may only be the tip of the iceberg," based on tweets from antiSec members suggesting more is on the way. "ATTN Intelligence Community: BAH Is just the beginning. #antisec #anonymous busy all day today. BBL," tweeted @AnonmouSabu.

--@AnonmouSabu also tweeted the following: "Booz. Allen. Hamilton. Infiltrated. And dumped. Entire MIlitary exposed."

--@AnonmouSabu hinted that something big was afoot yesterday, tweeting: "ATTN: Tomorrow will be two of the biggest releases for Anonymous in the last 4 years. Everyone brace. This is literally explosive. #antisec"

--Bill Brenner

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