No, Facebook DOES NOT have a dislike button

My friends at Sophos are warning of another fake Facebook message designed to dupe the masses. This time, the social engineering tactic comes in the form of a fake message about a new Facebook dislike button.

Here's what Sophos' Graham Cluley had to say about it:

Don't be too quick to click on links claiming to "Enable Dislike Button" on Facebook, as a fast-spreading scam has caused problems for social networking users this weekend.

Messages claiming to offer the opposite to a like button have been appearing on many Facebook users' walls:

Like the "Preventing Spam / Verify my account" scam which went before it, the scammers have managed to waltz past Facebook's security to replace the standard "Share" option with a link labelled "Enable Dislike Button".

The fact that the "Enable Dislike Button" link does not appear in the main part of the message, but lower down alongside "Link" and "Comment", is likely to fool some users into believing that it is genuine.

Clicking on the link, however, will not only forward the fake message about the so-called "Fakebook Dislike button" to all of your online friends by posting it to your profile, but also run obfuscated Javascript on your computer.

The potential for malice should be obvious.Sign up today.

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Facebook has no dislike button to my knowledge. I don't think they'll ever make one, either.

Though many would use it to express sympathy when someone writes about bad news on their wall, others would just use it in a mean-spirited way to pan a person's posts.

There's already enough venom on Facebook.

My opinions aside, you should heed Cluley's advice and never touch any message claiming that Facebook has a new dislike button.

--Bill Brenner

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