Update on Dancho Danchev

Friday, we saw reports that noted security researcher and blogger Dancho Danchev had gone missing and was possibly in danger. Today came word that he was hospitalized.

My good friend Paul Roberts at Threat Post reported earlier that "The unconfirmed report comes by way of Dnevnik.org, a Bulgarian online publication, which cites two unnamed sources as confirming that Danchev has been hospitalized since December 11, 2010. Danchev is now 'stabalized and will soon be discharged,' Dnevnik reports. The report did not say why Danchev had been hospitalized."

This is a particularly strange story. Given his relentless drive to bust up cyber criminal networks, it wouldn't surprise us if someone targeted him. But this seems to be a case of the researcher getting in trouble with the law in his home nation of Bulgaria.

I've interviewed Danchev in the past and always respected him. I've also liked his blogging work. Hopefully he'll resurface -- alive and well -- soon so he can continue his important work.

--Bill Brenner

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