Unisys survey finds majority of industry leaders believe clients fear data breaches

Industry leaders also worried about how security measures are perceived


The results of a recent survey conducted by IDG Connect and sponsored by the Unisys Corporation were published yesterday, offering some insight on just how concerned industry leaders are about their customers' perception of their companies' abilities to protect their data.

The survey, which questioned over 100 different US business and technology decision makers at organizations with 1,000 or more employees in July of this year, found that 91 percent of respondents were concerned about how their clients viewed their company's ability to protect personal data from breaches. Aside from their companies' worries, the majority of the decision makers (65 percent) believe that their customers are also "very concerned."

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In terms of how a breach of personal data could occur, the leaders surveyed were most worried about attacks on their wireless infrastructure, with 74 percent saying that it is concern. Coming in a close second 72 percent of respondents saying they fear an attack on network defenses, followed up by 64 percent expressing concerns over attacks on their cloud applications and mobile devices.

Perhaps more intriguing is how business decision makers and technology decision makers appear to have somewhat differing levels of concerns about their companies' perceptions. Of the business decision makers, 80 percent said they are very concerned about how their clients viewed their data protection, with a lower 69 percent of technology decision makers saying the same.

On the whole, however, the data does not come as too much of a surprise, especially given the findings of the annual Unisys Security Index from earlier this year, which surveyed more than 1,000 American consumers. That, too, indicated high levels of concern over data breaches, with 67 percent of consumers saying they were most worried about data breaches hitting their banks or other financial institutions. Runners-up included worries about breaches involving government agencies (62 percent), health organizations (60 percent), and telecommunications and ISPs (59 percent).

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