Survival guides

The SCADA Security Survival Guide

There's a gap between SCADA system security technologies and the understanding of risk among those in operations. Here's a collection of some of our best stories on the threats, and what needs to be done to mitigate them.

That SCADA and industrial control system vulnerabilities are no secret doesn't make them any less concerning. Most worrisome is how little headway the power generation and distribution industry has made to secure the machinery so crucial to our civilization. CSO has covered numerous cases where such systems either came under attack or their vulnerabilities were exposed:

SCADA systems in Australia easy target for malware warns expert

Lack of patching, antivirus on PCs which run SCADA systems need addressing, says security consultant

Important SCADA systems secured using weak logins

Thousands of critical SCADA systems reachable from the Internet are secured by dangerously weak default passwords

Nearly two-dozen bugs easily found in critical infrastructure software

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