Make forgotten passwords a distant memory with myIDkey

The myIDkey biometrically secure password manager could change the way you deal with your passwords.

Keeping your passwords safe is hard work--and keeping them complex enough that others won't figure them out but you can still remember them is equally difficult. Arkami's solution? The myIDkey (funding through March 22), a biometrically secure Bluetooth/USB flash drive and password manager, which lets you carry all your access codes, account numbers, and other data with you on a device that is compact enough to affix to your keyring.

Swipe your finger across the access pad to unlock the myIDkey, then either sort through your passwords manually via the directional keys, or hold the microphone key to issue a voice search request. With Bluetooth, however, it takes on additional functions. The myIDkey can synch with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, projecting keys and auto fill information or extending its locking measures to your other devices. It can connect to a cloud of data shared with other myIDkey users of your choice, extending access of the pool of keys to everyone involved. And if it's lost or stolen? The military-grade AES 256-encrypted data is wiped automatically after a number of failed attempts at access.

The project has already nearly tripled its base funding goal, which means Arkami will offer the myIDkey with 16GB of memory. A pledge of $99 is the minimum required to get your hands on your own myIDkey, with a two-pack available for $178, and four for $350 or more.

Confidence level

The myIDkey took home a trio of awards from the 2013 CES, and the founders say designs are complete, patents are filed, and everything is ready to go. The duo just needs to size the initial production run before shipping in August.

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