Apple accused of bribing Russian officials

Apple suspected of attempting to bribe Russian ministers with a trip to London

A report from a Russian news agency is claiming that Apple is suspected of attempting to bribe Russian ministers with a trip to London.

Apple is said to have held a week-long seminar for Russian regional ministers of education and other officials at a venue in London.

According to the report, Apple has confirmed that while financed the trip for trainers, it didn't pay the official's expenses.

The London event has come to the attention of the National Anti-Corruption Committee which is to investigate whether the trip was in fact completely financed by Apple, as that could be considered bribery.

If it turns out that Apple didn't finance the trip, the officials could come under fire for financing the trip from regional budgets.

The report suggests that the timing of the trip was suspicious because large federal government educational tenders for the modernisation of equipment worth up to RUB 2 billion (USD 66.5 million) per region will soon be conducted.

Via BrightWire.

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