Windows Store creates opportunities/challenges for W8 developers: Bitdefender

The release of Windows 8 has meant numerous vendors are adjusting their products to work with the new OS, and security vendor, Bitdefender, counts itself among them.

When it came to readying Bitdefender Security for Windows 8, Bitdefender consumer line product manager, Catalina Albisteanu, said preparations began as early as June.

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In that time, the vendor worked on creating features that made use of the new OS, such as an early start up scanner, a proactive app scanner and scan boost technology.

As for how Windows 8 is an improvement compared to its predecessor Windows 7, at least from a development perspective, Albisteanu points to the inclusion of early launch antimalware (ELAM) technology.

"It allowed us to validate the boot drivers, load our own drivers before anything else gets loaded and generally take the proper measures to ensure the safety of the system," she said.

Bitdefender was also impressed with the improvements made to Windows Security Centre by Microsoft.

"The improved notifications system is going to greatly facilitate engagement with our users," she said.

While improvements have been made to Windows 8, the inclusion of a Windows software store is providing vendors such as Bitdefender with a learning curve.

Albisteanu said the app store is both an opportunity and a challenge due to the "different pitfalls that both desktop apps and Windows style apps" may have to avoid in order to get certified.

"I would like to see Microsoft work on delivering more information regarding the requirements for apps to get in the store," she said.

"This includes detailed reports when an app is rejected to minimise the delays resulted from going back and forward trying to get everything right."

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The other key addition to Windows 8 has been the new design language, formerly known as Metro, which has prompted developers to come up with new and creative ways to integrate their products into the OS's updated look.

Bitdefender Security for Windows 8 has been designed with the new design language in mind, and Albisteanu said it was important for the vendor to make the product visually fit in with the OS because the start menu is "not what it used to be".

"Users will see the new touch-screen-style apps before getting to their desktop apps so for us it is first of all a matter of visibility," she said.

In addition to the Windows 8 specific feature, Bitdefender Security for Windows 8 comes with all of the functionality found in Bitdefender 2013 products, such as Safepay, the hacker-free e-banking and online shopping portal.

The product is available now either in store or online, and currently only runs on Windows 8 Home and Pro.

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