McAfee Focus 12: McAfee reveals new security management solution

Also announces advancements to its endpoint security products

Security vendor, McAfee, has announced a new security management solution that aims to enhance enterprise security by offering intelligent, automated real-time asset monitoring.

The McAfee Vulnerability Manager includes McAfee Asset Manager to automatically discover and inspect assets as they connect to the network.

By providing real-time awareness of newly connected devices, McAfee Asset Manager alerts McAfee Vulnerability Manager to execute targeted vulnerability scans as soon as new or unknown devices connect to the network.

The announcement was made at its Focus 12 security conference in Las Vegas.

According to McAfee management systems senior vice-president and general manager, Ken Levine, the reason behind the creation of the solution is the enterprise IT facing a daunting challenge.

"By 2020, there will be more than 50 billion devices, and 20 per cent of devices that reside on networks are there without an organisation's knowledge," he said.

"You can't protect and secure what you can't see. With this offering, McAfee strengthens its vulnerability and asset management solutions to detect gaps in security from mobile devices to datacentres."

The company has also added enhancements to its endpoint security products as part of its Security Connected approach.

The new McAfee Endpoint Security offerings include:

McAfee Deep Defender -- the latest version of the jointly developed Intel and McAfee hardware-enhanced endpoint protection product aims to increase root kit protection to include Master Boot Record rootkits.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC or Mac -- major enhancements have reduced performance impact on SSD drives using Intel's AES-NI technology. Also, integration with Intel AMT technology and McAfee ePO Deep Command allows for secure and remote management of powered off or disabled devices including devices using Windows 8.

McAfee Application Control -- new enhancements give IT managers control over how a non-whitelisted application can be approved by delivering a three level approval technology.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Manager -- supports Apple iOS 6 and integrates the newest version of McAfee Secure Container for Android 2.0.

"A new generation of mobile devices and users requires the next generation of protection," McAfee endpoint security senior vice-president and general manager, Candace Worley, said.

"By delivering innovative security technology with the highest levels of protection, McAfee is addressing the customer demand for optimum application performance without impacting user experience."

She added the company will educate the channel on the advancements and said it will play a huge role in offering the solutions to the market.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager and its McAfee Asset Manager are part of the McAfee Security Connected framework and are expected to be available by the end of the month. The new McAfee Endpoint Security offerings will be available from Q4 this year.

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