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Bob Bragdon: New CSO40 awards recognize security initiatives that create business value

I have met with many, many security leaders in the 10 years since we launched CSO. They continue to do great and amazing things to manage their organizations' risks, advance the profession and develop the next generation of security leaders.

Over those years, we have recognized many of the most deserving leaders with the CSO Compass Awards. But all of them tell us one thing about their success: They didn't do it alone. Security and risk management is a game of cooperation, partnership and teamwork. It's time to recognize those teams.

The CSO40 Awards will recognize practitioner organizations and teams that have delivered groundbreaking business value through the innovative application of risk and security concepts and technologies.

This is an opportunity for us to recognize more than just the leaders in this business—although we will continue to do that with the CSO Compass Awards. It's a chance for us to expand our recognition of the teamwork that's necessary to successfully address risk in today's enterprises.

I encourage you to look around at your peers and within the walls of your own organization to find those examples of team excellence that might be deserving of this award. You can submit nominations for the CSO40 Awards at www.csoconfab.com.

I hope that you can also join us when we recognize the winners at the CSO40 Security Confab + Awards next April in Atlanta.

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