The Secure Coding Collection: Volume 2

A collection of articles to help you understand efforts to work security into products from the very beginning of development.

For many years now, we've heard the experts preach about the need for more secure code writing at the very start of a product's development.

The good news is that this has led to the creation of several strong coding standards. The bad news is that it can be difficult for developers to sort through all the different guidelines in front of them.

It's not unlike the confusion IT security executives sometimes feel when trying to find the common threads floating in all the regulatory soup they've been told to drink.

To make things a bit easier, we've developed a vast collection of stories that sort through the different standards and the common elements within them all.

We covered one batch of articles in the first code security survival guide. This installment covers what we've covered in the two years since then.

Rugged DevOps: In search of the defensible infrastructure

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