The Black Hat, BSidesLV and Defcon post-mortem

CSO takes a long, last look at highlights from the most recent Black Hat, BSidesLV and Defcon gatherings in Las Vegas.

It's been two weeks since infosec practitioners were in Las Vegas for three big conferences, but people continue to discuss what they saw and heard there. To wrap up this year's coverage and keep those conversations going, we offer this library of stories and blog posts. Security con harassment cuts both ways

There's a lot of discussion on Twitter about harassment at security conferences lately, sparked by a newly-announced harassment policy at Brucon. But is the debate too one-sided?

Phishing attacks illustrate failure of security awareness training

The results of a survey conducted at Black Hat suggest that security awareness training is indeed falling short, as are anti-spam tools. So says security vendor PhishMe.

Observations from Black Hat: More defense, please

A breakdown of observations from Forrester Research analyst Rick Holland.

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