What I learned when I left security

Four perspectives on executive communication from security experts who moved on to other business roles

Much has been said about the great divide that keeps business leaders from truly understanding the perspective of security professionals. One way CSOs can close that gap is to simply cross to the other side.

We found four professionals who did just that, including three former CSOs who now hold other business roles and one former security journalist who is an editor at the renowned business publication Harvard Business Review.

They shared with us their new perspectives on how they view security and risk management from across the chasm.

Who's Who

We spoke with four former security professionals who now hold business roles. Here is a brief bio on each:

John HartmannNow: CEO at Mitre 10, a retailer in New Zealand. read that interview here.)

Then: Hartmann spent the first 10 years of his career as a supervisory special agent with the FBI, after which he joined Cardinal Health as vice president of security. He moved into an information security risk management role at Home Depot, after which he served in a series of business roles, starting with long-range strategic planning and culminating with the role of chief operating officer for Home Depot Supply Electrical.

(In our early days, Hartmann helped CSO gather management advice from Patrick Lencioni;

Charlie BrownNow:Director of Global Program Deployment, Avery Dennison, based in Hong Kong.Then: After serving in the military, working as a policeman, running the computer department of a ski hill and then joining a computer startup, Brown moved into security at Veritect, where he was a consulting director and trainer. He joined Avery Dennison as a manager of network security and then IT director. Scott BlakeNow: Runs the program management office at Bangor Savings Bank in Maine. Then: Blake started as a network security architect at Netegrity and then became a vice president of information security at BindView (now owned by Symantec). After serving as CISO at Liberty Mutual, he changed paths to become a financial advisor at Wells Fargo. Scott Berinato Now: Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review.Then: Berinato helped launch CSO Magazine in 2002 after covering security, technology and business topics first at PC Week, and then at CIO magazine. His in-depth security coverage won numerous national journalism awards.

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