The mobile security survival guide

A collection of articles to help you understand the mobile threat and plan your security program accordingly.

There's no getting around it. Mobile devices have become an indespensible part of doing business. Hackers realize this and are spending much more time targeting your iPads, Androids and the like.

Here are some articles to help you understand the risks and shape your enterprise security program accordingly.

Most Managers Handle Security on Mobile Devices: Poll: More people are bringing their personal devices to work, which can expose a company to new threats.

Mobile phone security dos and don'ts: Is your enterprise security team struggling to keep up with the rapid proliferation of mobile phones? Five experts offer advice to help you secure everything from the BlackBerry to the iPhone and Droid.

Five Steps to Mobile Device Management and Security: As more employees bring smartphones and tablets to work, managing the devices, securing data, and fighting malware is critical.

Smartphones, social media tied into ELERTS emergency system: Chris Russo, deputy fire chief in the Massachusetts coastal town of Hull, launches ELERTS, an emergency communication system that uses smartphones and social media to communicate with first responders and other emergency personnel.

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