The Apple security survival guide

Attacks against the Mac are on the rise, and users need to know what they're up against to mount an effective defense. Here's a survival guide that will help.

Not much has been said about the security of Apple's products in the wake of Steve Jobs' passing. But there will be security issues to deal with in the land of Apple.

In fact, the danger has already arrived.

We're starting to see the security risks (just look at all the Mac vulnerabilities we've seen of late) but attackers are only getting warmed up, testing the defenses and seeing what kind of damage they can do.

With the iPhone and iPad so ubiquitous in work and at home, the bad guys now have all the reason in the world to make these devices their number-one target. It's going to happen, and you need to be prepared.

To that end, here's some content to get you up to speed.

Apple's Mac OS X NEVER had superior security

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