Frequent Facebook Users Not As Worried About Privacy

A survey found that 26 percent of respondents who use Facebook daily are "very concerned" about privacy

Despite Facebook's reputation for raising privacy concerns as it adds new ways to share information online, most users aren't very worried, according to a new poll by USA Today and Gallup.

The survey of more than 2,000 adults found that 26 percent of respondents who use Facebook daily are "very concerned" about privacy, compared with 35 percent for weekly Facebook users and 39 percent for people who use Facebook less often.

In other words, the more you use Facebook, the less likely you are to be worried about privacy on the social network.

Facebook recently announced a couple big changes that allow users to reveal more about themselves: "Timelines" are a new form of profile that chronicle users' entire lives through photos, status updates and apps, and the "Open Graph" is a way for Facebook apps to automatically publish your activity, including the songs users are listening to, the places they're going and the articles they're reading.

According to the USA Today/Gallup poll, 87 percent of respondents who use Facebook daily have noticed the new features, compared with 34 percent for respondents who use the site less than once a week.

The changes, so far, are unpopular among users who have noticed, with 56 percent of respondents saying they dislike the new features, and 36 percent approving. That's not surprising; Facebook users have a history of hating any changes Facebook makes. Eventually, they adapt.

But the poll's findings on privacy show that the vision of Facebooks founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, is coming to fruition. As Facebook has expanded the ways that users can share information about themselves, those users have become comfortable living out in the open. Zuckerberg has said that the amount of information people are sharing online is increasing at a growing rate. Most users seem to be OK with that.

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