BlackBerry Falls Flat Again

Services down for unexplained reasons

BlackBerry customers have flooded Twitter, saying their data services are down again today.

So far, manufacturer RIM has failed to offer any explanation for the new outage, or yesterday's lengthy 12 hour problem.

Sam Blake, a BlackBerry user in Birmingham, said she was considering changing her phone. "Argh Blackberry has gone down again! RIM are making my contract/phone decision easier by the day!"

"Blackberry not working again. Ridiculous!" wrote Lloyd-Scott Tyler, of London.

John, in Edinburgh, added: "Thank you blackberry for making my decision alot easier than I expected. I am definitely getting an iPhone now!"

Once again the problem has spread much further than the UK. Tselane Makhetha, a customer in Johannesburg, South Africa, wrote: "so #Blackberry doesnt feel the need to fix their problem-Two days in a row". Users in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and the Middle East also complained.

The comments echo those made by veteran analyst Richard Holway of TechMarketView, who said: "Most of the Tweets, and comments on my own Facebook page, suggested I (and the other 10m Blackberry users similarly affected) got an iPhone instead! Must admit I am sorely tempted now."

"Must admit the public comment from RIM seems to have been zilch - a PR disaster if you ask me," he added. "It's one thing for a business-level service to be down for this length of time. Quite another for RIM to screw up its customer relations even further by not handling it correctly."

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