Certifiable! The quiz

Can you spell "confusing?" Sure you can!

1. The PCIP critical infrastructure certification was formerly known as the:


b. PCP

c. THX


2. PCI stands for:

a. Professional Certified Investigator, a cert from ASIS

b. Payment Card Industry, as in PCI DSS QSA

c. Peripheral Connect Interface, as in PCs

d. all of the above

3. The CISSP certification was first offered in:

a. 2002

b. 1994

c. 1992

d. 1776

4. How many questions are on the CompTIA Security+ exam?

a. 1

b. 10

c. 100

d. 1,000

5. Which cert is offered by the IAPP privacy association?



c. FRM


6. CBCP is a cert in which subject?

a. physical security

b. fraud investigation

c. business continuity

d. occupational therapy

7. Which is certification available to insurance professionals?

a. NTA

b. ARM-E

c. CFB

d. CFE

8. CIA commonly refers to:

a. a shadowy U.S. intelligence agency

b. a prestigious cooking school in New York

c. a certification from the Institute of Internal Auditors

d. all of the above

9. CSO stands for:

a. Chief Security Officer

b. Chicago Symphony Orchestra

c. Combined Sewer Overflow

d. all of the above

Bonus Question:

COSMIC SPACES is an anagram for what three actual certifications?

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1. a, PCIP was originally CCISP

2. d, all of the above

3. b, 1994

4. c, 100 questions

5. a, CIPP privacy cert

6. c, CBCP is for business continuity

7. b, Associate in Risk Management- ERM

8. d, all of the above

9. d, all of the above

Bonus: OSCP, ECSA and CISM together can make the anagram COSMIC SPACES


0—3 points: Back to ABCs 4—7 points: A-OK 8—10 points: FTW!

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