CSO resumes: 5 tips to make yours shine

For CSO, CISO and other leadership jobs, your certifications may not be impressive to today's security recruiter. Find out what is.

The current challenges in today's job market didn't stop Phillip Mahan from bouncing back quickly after a setback. Mahan was laid off from his position as manager of information security and risk management at Unisource Worldwide in February. By April he was working again as the business information security officer with ING. There is a reason why he wasn't on the job hunt for very long: He is fanatical about his resume and his career.

"I'm a little unusual in that I update my resume weekly—even when I'm happy," said Mahan. "I use my resume as a measuring stick as to how my career is going. I look at it and say 'Is there anything interesting I have done this week that is more interesting than what I have on my current resume?'"

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And apparently, his strategy works. Mahan says he is often asked by friends and colleagues to review their resumes and suggest changes so he has seen what works, and what ends up in the trash. He and two security recruiters share their thoughts on what to include on your resume for the best shot at getting to the top of the pile of potential candidates.

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Be a business person first, a security pro second

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