What it's like...

Security pros recount some of the odder, scarier, and more gratifying moments in the field. A special series from the December issue of CSO Magazine.

Last update 12/23/2010.

What's it like to be a security professional?

As in any profession, there's both good and bad. Security can be, by turns, tedious and exhilarating.

In the corporate world, tedium might gain the upper hand. Changing firewall rules, reading logs, watching CCTV screens, writing budget proposals—these are the experiences that might make up the bulk of your day. All important stuff, don't get us wrong. Very important.

But of course it's the less-frequent incidents, the stranger projects, the more eccentric colleagues, the truly unexpected moments, that wind up being your stories at dinner parties.

So what are those moments really like?

We asked. Here are the answers, presented in a series online throughout December on CSOonline.com.

What it's like...

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