Debriefing: The 21st-century CSO skills challenge

Okay, smartypants, let's see if you're really up to the job

Security skill 1

At the front of the classroom is a locked, UL-rated TXTL-60 safe containing three diamonds. Extract the diamonds using only the following items:

- a hairbrush - a box of toothpicks - a snack pack of Jello brand chocolate-flavored pudding

These items should be available at a local convenience store. You have eight minutes.

Security skill 2

There's a supermodel sitting in a Starbucks somewhere in North America.

Using a telegraph machine and an onion router, find the supermodel and electronically order her an iced nonfat caramel macchiato (tall).

Security skill 3

With Microsoft Excel, build a financial model to determine the total amount of money spent on security measures by everyone everywhere worldwide, and how effectively it's being used.

Three-sigma accuracy is acceptable.

Security skill 4

Using the following items...

- a Pizza Hut uniform - a Don Pepin Garcia Magnate cigar (lit) - a clipboard - and any Yo Gabba Gabba action figure your way into the Pentagon.

Security skill 5

Explain DLL hijacking to your CEO in PowerPoint.

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