Sample social media and blogging policies from other sites

Links to examples of the social media, internet posting and blogging policies of several large companies. Examples include clear language about acceptable content, discussion of proprietary and confidential information and employee responsibility

Many of your employees, probably a majority, are using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Some are blogging about anything from their personal lives to their day at work.

Each day, more organizations realize the power of social media and are finding ways to incorporate it into their business strategy. With all that considered, do your corporate policies include clear rules for social media use?

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A survey of enterprise corporations conducted by security consultancy IANS in 2008 found most respondents did not have a social media policy.

"They really hadn't done the hard thinking," said Jack Phillips, IANS CEO. "But then jumping forward to 2009 we saw about a third of the audience now has something in place and another large percentage is considering these kinds of policies."

Here are links to the social media policies of several well-known businesses:

Oracle's social media participation policy

Intel's social media policy

General Motors blogger policy

HP blogging code of conduct policy

Rights and responsibilities of using Harvard Law School's Weblog service

Cisco's internet postings policy

List of policies used by institutions of higher education from Educause. Sample policies include student privacy, digital assets, video surveillance on campus and a social media guide.

Extensive list of links to the social media policies of many well-known and large companies on

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