Compass Awards 2010: The Art and Science of Security Leadership

These leaders provide critical lessons in integrating security with the business mission.

Awards recognize excellence. This recognition allows others to learn from leaders and inspires them to reach the same high standards.

The CSO Compass Awards specifically honor achievement in security leadership, and the 2010 winners provide critical lessons in integrating security with the business mission.

This year's honorees include:

We asked each about the critical challenges facing security at this time, as well as the formative experiences (including mistakes!) that have helped them develop the knowledge and skill to make security a successful contributor to their organizations' goals.

Links will be updated as each Q&A appears online.

Previous CSO Compass Award winners



2008's honorees included:

  • Marco Fidanza, Director of Security, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Jim Hutton, CSO and Director of Global Security, Procter & Gamble
  • John McClurg, VP and CSO of Global Security, Honeywell

as well as:

  • Ed Amoroso, SVP and CSO, AT&T
  • Ron Baklarz, Director of Information Systems Security, MedStart Health Information Systems
  • Renee Guttmann, VP and Information Security and Privacy Officer, Time Warner


The 2007 honorees include:

  • George Campbell, former CSO, Fidelity Investments
  • Francis D'Addario, VP Partner and Asset Protection, Starbucks Coffee
  • Deven Bhatt, CSO, Airlines Reporting Corp.
  • Dan Lohrmann, CISO, State of Michigan
  • Lisa Johnson, CISO, Nike
  • Lynn Mattice, VP and CSO, Boston Scientific


The 2006 honorees include:

  • Timothy Williams, CSO, Nortel
  • David Cullinane, CISO, Washington Mutual
  • David Kent, VP of Security, Genzyme
  • Steve Hunt, President and CEO, 4A International
  • John Tritak, CEO, Good Harbor Consulting
  • Eduard Telders, Director, Information Security Policy and Compliance, T-Mobile


The 2005 honorees include:

  • David Burrill, head of Group Security, British American Tobacco
  • Regis Becker, Global director, security and compliance, PPG Industries
  • Richard Lefler, Managing partner, Business Security Advisory Group, Phoenix
  • Peter Neumann, Principal scientist, Principal Systems Group, Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International
  • Rhonda MacLean, Senior VP and CISO, Bank of America
  • Howard Schmidt, Chief Security Strategist, eBay


The initial honorees in 2003 include:

  • Dorothy Denning
  • Bill Boni, VP and CISO, Motorola
  • Bob Littlejohn
  • Richard Clarke
  • Bob Weaver

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