RSA Conference 2010 and Security B-Sides Recap

Didn't make it to this year's RSA conference or B-Sides San Francisco? Here's what you missed.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Today is the last day of RSA Conference 2010, and some of you may be regretting that you weren't able to attend this year. But fear not: was there covering the proceedings. Here is a packet of articles and podcasts that cover the high points:


RSA 2010: Infosec Pros Get Raises Despite Recession

An (ISC)2 survey suggests salary increases and hiring went up for many security practitioners in the last year despite the Great Recession. Ironically, the recession may be WHY it's happening.

RSA 2010: Why 41 Percent of You Would Fail a PCI Audit

Miscellaneous news bytes from the RSA 2010 press room: QSAs tell Ponemon Institute that 41 percent of companies would bomb their PCI security audit; hackers industrialize their sinister revolution and VeriSign opens a new compatibility lab.

RSA 2010: Can Adobe Stop the Hate?

Security pros are unhappy with Adobe Systems over recent flaws and attacks. Adobe Security Chief Brad Arkin on what the company is doing about it.

RSA Conference 2010: 4 Survival Tips

For the newcomer, the RSA security conference can be overwhelming. Follow these four strategies to get the most from it.

Social Networking is Risky Business

From Computerworld: A panel discusses the risks associated with social networking sites.

Chertoff: Tracking Attacks to the Source is Key for Cybersecurity

From Computerworld: An exclusive interview with former DHS leader Michael Chertoff.


RSA 2010: Microsoft's Plan for Cloud Security

Audio: Microsoft VP Jim Jones explains his company's approach for securing its services in the cloud.

RSA 2010: Verizon Releases Its Threat Report Recipe

Verizon Business will share the research framework used for its Data Breach Investigations Reports so companies can create reports tailored to their specific environments.


Security B-Sides: Perfect Authentication Remains Elusive

Everyone realizes passwords have their shortcomings. But alternatives like two-factor authentication are not as powerful as one would expect. The problem? As always -- human behavior.

One Man's Life on the Security D-List

At Security B-Sides, infosec author Andrew Hay explains the four pillars for moving from the bottom of the IT security shop to a place of respect, and why getting to the A-list isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Security B-Sides: Rise of the 'Anti-conference'

The RSA 2010 conference had some nearby competition. Here's the story of Security B-Sides as the conference alternative.

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