Secure Parking Lot Design: Dos and Don'ts

Security and safety decisions are critical in correct parking lot design. Bruce Ramm of Security Design Concepts provides a look at good and bad design elements.


This enclosed elevator lobby could provide a hiding place for a mugger or thief.


Visibility is key. Here glass allows you to see who's hanging around the elevators before you enter.


Ground floor fencing discourages trespassers and thieves while still allowing light and visibility.


Emergency exit features 'panic hardware' inside and NO door hardware on the outside, so it will only be used as intended.


Open stairwell means no concealed surprises for garage guests.


Another example of design providing visibility. Elevators are safer due to view from the outside.

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For more about patrols, lighting, surveillance and other parking security strategies, see the article Parking Lots and Garages: Security Factors.

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