The Cloud Security Survival Guide

For companies increasingly dependent on cloud services, security challenges abound. Here's a collection of articles, columns and audio to help IT security practitioners plot the right course.

Virtualization and cloud computing let you simplify your physical IT infrastructure and cut overhead costs, but you've only just begun to see the security risks involved. Putting more of your infrastructure in the cloud has left you vulnerable to hackers who have redoubled efforts to launch denial-of-service attacks against the likes of Google, Yahoo and other Internet-based service providers. A massive Google outage earlier this year illustrates the kind of disruptions cloud-dependent businesses can suffer.

But since the benefits of cloud services are so robust, there's really no turning back. The key is for companies to be made aware of the risks and to have some security best practices to live by.

UPDATED 2/23/2011


Cloud security: The basics

The Cloud Security Alliance and others are working to define security requirements for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS cloud computing models.

A security checklist for cloud models

Key security issues can vary depending on the cloud model you're using. Vordel CTO Mark O'Neill looks at 5 critical challenges.

Real life tales of hybrid cloud security

Mixed IT infrastructures, including cloud and non-cloud systems, will be the norm at many companies for many years. Learn about key cloud security concerns and solutions from three early cloud users.

The Curse of Cloud Security

Seventh Annual Global Information Security Survey: Companies are clamoring for services in the cloud. But the biggest problem from a security perspective is that few understand what they're dealing with. (Second of a four-part series)

5 Mistakes a Security Vendor Made in the Cloud

Here's the cautionary tale of how one security vendor went astray in the computing cloud, and what customers can learn from it. (Part 3 in a series)

Cloud Security: Danger (and Opportunity) Ahead

In the first in his series of "Clearing the Cloud" columns, security expert Ariel Silverstone explores the dangers of cloud computing and outlines security best practices to make it work.

Clear Metrics for Cloud Security? Yes, Seriously

In the second installment of his series on "Clearing the Cloud," security expert Ariel Silverstone proposes some clearer definitions and metrics to improve cloud security.


Cloud Security: Time to Smoke Another One?

CSOonline embarks on a series about cloud computing risks and how to minimize them. Here's how you, the reader, can be part of the solution.

Poison BlackBerry Devices in the Cloud

A security expert got headlines this week by declaring a new era of security dangers for those using mobile devices and cloud services. Why his concerns are justified.

Google FAIL and the Fog Over Cloud Security

Recent Google failures have renewed debate over whether it's foolish to trust the computing cloud. But the biggest threat remains our lack of understanding.

Why Twitter Hack is NOT a Cloud Security Wake-up Call

The recent Twitter hack illustrates a problem with weak passwords, not cloud security, writes Pete Soderling, founder of Web development shop Mechanikal and API management company Stratus Security Technologies.

Cloud Computing: Making the Right Choices

Cloud computing is getting a lot of press these days, including excessive FUD. However, selecting a cloud solution for critical business applications is an exercise in educating yourself, asking the right questions, and making an informed decision.

Winkler: The Real Problems With Cloud Computing

Google may well protect servers better than you do. But Ira Winkler says your job is to protect information, not just servers.

Forrester: A Close Look At Cloud Computing Security Issues

Chenxi Wang examines security, compliance and contractual issues in cloud computing.


Why Security Pros Have Their Heads In the Cloud

In this podcast, CSO Senior Editor Bill Brenner chats with IT security practitioners Tom Olzak and Adam Ely about the cloud's silver lining (doing more with less) and dark pockets (insecurity and misunderstanding).

Why Virtualization Security Is Such a Mess

Security expert Chris Hoff explains why virtualization is not properly understood and why that creates trouble in the clouds.

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