Unmasking DLP: The Data Security Survival Guide

Need a data loss prevention (DLP) strategy but have no idea where to start technologically or culturally? Here's a series of articles and podcasts to help you find your way.

You've heard from all the vendors who claim to have just the thing for your DLP needs. But how do you know what's best for your company's particular security needs? In this series, CSOonline talks to IT security practitioners, vendors and analysts about what is and isn't true DLP.


The 2011 Executive Guide to DLP, a 4pp PDF that clearly spells out the foundations of data loss prevention [CSO Insider registration required]

Security Analyst to DLP Vendors: Watch Your Language

Solving the DLP Puzzle: Survival Tips from the Trenches

Solving the DLP Puzzle: 5 Ways Employees Spill Sensitive Data

Solving the DLP Puzzle: 5 Technologies That Will Help

3 Ways Pen Testing Helps DLP (and 2 Ways It Doesn't)


Deconstructing DLP: The Adventure Begins

Will The Real DLP Security Vendor Please Stand Up?

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