Botnet War: The Story So Far

CSO has been running a series on the fight against botnet herders and releases the latest chapter today. Need to get up to speed? Here's the story so far.

What a Botnet Looks Like

Researcher David Vorel mapped interconnected, bot-infected IP addresses and created this geometric representation; interactive controls let you zoom in and explore botnets' inner workings.

CSO ran this last year, but it's worth looking at before launching into the new content below.

Botnets: 4 Reasons It's Getting Harder to Find and Fight Them

Researchers say vulnerable Web 2.0 applications and peer-to-peer architecture are making it easy for hackers to maintain armies of hijacked computers.

USA (and IE) Number 1 for Botnet Mayhem

Researchers say IT shops aren't doing enough to protect their machines from botnet herders.

Botnet Battle: How to Fight Back, Part 1 (podcast)

Botnet hunter Alex Lanstein details his efforts to find and disable botnets.

Botnet Battle: How to Fight Back, Part 2 (podcast)

Purewire principal researcher Paul Royal on the trend of bot herders working below the radar, and what he learned about the threat while participating in Project ZeroPack.

Botnet Battle: How to Fight Back, Part 3 (podcast)

Gunter Ollmann, vice president of research at Damballa, Inc., about what he sees as the largest and most insidious botnets -- and what security pros should be doing to keep them at bay.

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