Security Predictions: What Happens Next?

An ongoing index of predictions, projections and prognostication for 2009 and beyond. Marcus Ranum, Rich Mogull, Jeff Spivey, Whit Diffie, Richard Hollinger and many more.

Security is often described as a 'reactive' profession.

Fair enough; incident response is always going to be a critical part of the job. But it's likewise critical to build a department, an industry, a profession that has its eye on the horizon.

So here's help. CSO interviewed more than 20 experts across a wide variety of subjects—some squarely in the security wheelhouse, others rather outside that box—and asked a specific variation on the question "What happens next?" You'll find some '2009 security predictions' here, but also a much broader look at how the worlds of business and government will shape up in the long view.

We kick off this series with three well-known voices (see below) and will add to this index page as we roll out additional prognostications and predictions throughout November and December. When we're done, we'll close the loop with a look at common themes from the series.

The better you understand the trends of today and next year, the better you'll be able to prepare.

What Happens Next interviews:

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