Cyberinsurance Policies: Areas of Coverage

Most cybersecurity insurance policies cover some or all of the following areas

Most cyberinsurance policies cover some or all of the following areas.

- Internal criminal acts. Coverage for malicious acts perpetrated by employees using computers.

- Hackers. Losses resulting from a direct attack on your company's network, or the use of your network as a platform or gateway to launch a third-party attack.

- Viruses. Coverage for the costs associated with a virus-related interruption in business and the reconstruction of any lost data.

- Media liability. Coverage for exposures related to the misuses of trademarks, domain names, plagiarism, copyright infringement, defamation and libel on the Internet.

- Privacy violations. Coverage for exposures stemming from the misuse of personal information.

- Crisis management. Funding provided to help a company handle the public relations fallout from a security breach.

- Global risks. Coverage provided for security threats regardless of where an attack is launched from or the damage that occurs.

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