Visitor Management System

Joe's Office uses an off-the-shelf visitor management system to handle temporary badging and track which guests are expected (and which aren't).

The receptionist's console uses a standard visitor management system, generating visitor badges and automating the process of notifying Joe, or any other employee, when a guest has arrived. High-end systems can initiate and automate most of this process simply by scanning a visitor's business card, although the receptionist should also request to see identification.

Some entry systems can integrate with time-and-attendance software.

At Joe's building, the visitor management system also generates a list for the gatehouse guard each day of expected guests.

Joe finds it hard to remember which system his company selected. Was it LobbyWorks, Lobby Track, EasyLobby...? Big players in the market include GE Security, Honeywell, Lenel and Tyco, although there are options from smaller vendors as well.

All employees at Joe's office are instructed—and reminded, and reminded again—that unbadged or unaccompanied visitors anywhere in the facility are to be politely but firmly confronted with the specific question "Who are you here to see?" and escorted back out to the entrance. The question "Can I help you?" is discouraged, as it offers an intruder an easy dodge ("No thanks!").

-Derek Slater

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