Students, Faculty Killed in Virginia Tech Shooting

Updated at 3:05 p.m. EST

In what has been described as the worst school shooting in the nation’s history, at least 21 people were killed Monday at Virginia Tech University, according to a Bloomberg report.

Other updated reports, including an Associated Press story on, indicate that at least 30 victims have died.

Shots were apparently fired at the Blacksburg, Va., school’s West Ambler Johnston dormitory and also about two hours later at the engineering school’s Norris Hall on the other side of campus, university President Charles Steger told Bloomberg.

Another 21 people suffered injuries, according to the report, which didn’t yet identify the victims who were killed or the shooter, who also died.

The campus was closed after the shootings on Monday. It is scheduled to reopen Tuesday morning, but classes will be canceled, according to the Virginia Tech website.

A week earlier, bomb threats were also made at the school, reports Bloomberg.

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