The Five Elements of a School Security Plan

From deterrence through response.

The Five Elements of a School Security Plan

Often people think of a security plan as just crisis response: what you do when something bad happens. In fact, thats just the fifth element of a comprehensive plan. Here are the elements you should think about when creating a facilities security plan.

Deterrence. Training, awareness, lighting, signage, perimeters, visible cameras, human interaction, CPTED design

Detection. Surveillance, patrol, motion detection, alarms, anonymous tip lines

Delay. Locks, lockdown doors, lockdown procedures, vestibules and mantraps, glazing

Communication. PA with battery backup, two-way radios, cell phone policies and procedures, e-mail and texting capabilities, PR response plan

Response. Security team procedures, law enforcement, fire and civic liaisons, lockdown procedures

Source: Paul Timm, Reta Security Inc.

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