Security is About Design

Computer security is about simplicity of design, not complexity, according to Dr. Klaus Brunnstein who spoke at the South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) Conference this week. Computerworld Australia reports that Brunnstein feels that software needs to be simplified because many IT professionals have no idea what’s happening deep in some programs and if they can’t grasp what is happening as virus and worm attacks occur, computing’s future will be no more secure than applications today. "It’s an issue of good design," Brunnstein said. He believes the design of the OSI (Operating Systems Interconnection) architectural model, on which the current IT model is based, is flawed (the model is divided into seven layers starting at Physical and ending at Application.) "OSI is underestimating the problems below (in the OSI stack.)" Read more.

By Paul L. Kerstein

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