2003: The Quiz


For Questions 1-5: According to a Federal Trade Commission report

1. What percentage of Americans learned that they had suffered ID theft in 2003?

a. 0.01% b. 1% c. 4.6% d. 25%

2. How much on average did businesses lose per victim due to ID theft?

a. $4.80 b. $48 c. $480 d. $4,800

3. How much on average did victims lose per incident?

a. $5 b. $50 c. $500 d. $5,000

4. How long did it take the average victim to resolve an ID theft case?

a. 30 hours b. 3 days

c. 3 weeks d. 3 months

5. If last year's number of new ID theft victims stayed constant, in about what year would all American adults have been victimized by ID theft?

a. 2140 b. 2084 c. 2035 d. 2010

6. Which of the following incidents did not happen in 2003?

a. A man dressed as Osama bin Laden in a pink ball gown snuck into Prince William's birthday party in Windsor Castle.

b. A couple broke into a nuclear plant in Saskatchewan to "join the Isotope Club."

c. The Social Security numbers of Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts, and Tom Menino, mayor of Boston, were acquired on the Internet and sold for $30 each to demonstrate how easy ID theft is.

d. A sketch by Salvador Dali valued at $250,000 was stolen from Rikers Island correctional facility, allegedly by prison officers who staged a fire drill to filch the original and replace it with a crude copy.

7. What was the estimated cost of the blackout of 2003?

a. $60M b. $600M c. $1B d. $6B

8. According to the Toronto Star, what is the average age of the North American power grid?

a. 50 to 60 years b. 30 to 40 years

c. 20 to 30 years d. Less than 10 years

9. The electric power sector consumed about 5.7 quadrillion Btu in 1953. How much did it consume in 2001?

a. About twice as much

b. About three times as much

c. About five times as much

d. About seven times as much

10. True or False: In media reports based on testimony to Congress, the blackout has been blamed on the electric grid's age and capacity.

11. What's the 2004 Homeland Security budget per American citizen?

a. $1 b. $128 c. $897 d. $1,011

12. About how many miles of 2-inch-wide duct tape could you buy with the 2004 Homeland Security budget?

a. 560 b. 899,000 c. 2M d. 256M

13. True or False: A Massachusetts inmate escaped from prison in October because a motion-detection alarm failed.

Bonus Question

What is the significance of the phrase "worms torch gutty input"?

How'd You Do?

0-5 correct: You fell for the Isotope Club.

6-12 correct: You guessed.

13-14 correct: You used a calculator.

Answers: 1. C, 2. D, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C, 6. B, 7. D, 8. A, 9. D (2001

consumption was 37.3 quadrillion BTU), 10. False (It's largely blamed on deregulation and human error), 11. B, 12. D, 13. False

(The motion-detection alarm worked. A guard ignored it.),

BONUS QUESTION: It is an anagram of "Trustworthy Computing"

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