Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance: Best Practices for IT

RFG believes most enterprises have no or inadequate plans for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuance (BC). Even where such plans are in place, many of them are out-of-date, and/or lack sufficient attention to important human factors. IT executives should ensure that DR/BC plans at their enterprises are comprehensive, and include processes for inclusion of input from key constituents and frequent testing and updating, so that such plans become and remain effective.

Business Imperatives:

  • Despite initially business- and life-changing events, many enterprises still have DR/BC plans that are critically inadequate, in scope, timeliness, or both, or have no DR/BC plans at all. IT executives should take leadership roles in convincing colleagues and constituents to support the creation and maintenance of comprehensive, up-to-date plans that address personnel and procedural issues as well as technological concerns.
  • DR/BC requirements cannot be met by comprehensive plans alone. IT executives should also work closely with line of business (LOB) managers, senior executives, and key user constituencies to develop compelling justifications and obtain complete support for those plans, to assure their short- and long-term success.
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