lock circuit board bullet hole computer security breach
One lock in a series is unlocked / weakness / vulnerability

control room security network monitor support

5 reasons why security operations are getting harder

SOC teams struggle to keep up with a dangerous threat landscape, growing attack surface, and voluminous security alerts.

A multitude of arrows pierce a target. [numerous attacks / quantity / severity]

Top 5 attack surface challenges related to security operations

The growing attack surface is extending the security/software developer gap, increasing vulnerabilities, and slowing security investigations.

The trouble with 2fa

With a large percentage of your workforce now working remotely, two-factor authentication (2fa) can make them (or your company data) safer online. But how you're doing it now probably isn't helping much at all.

enter neon sign do not tresspass privacy authentication access barbed wire by clem onojeghuo unspla

Intro to crypto wallet authentication

A blockchain enabled cybersecurity future is coming fast, with crypto wallets set to become a central authentication mechanism.

man holding pen drawing a heartbeat and red heart

The Heartbleed bug: How a flaw in OpenSSL caused a security crisis

Heartbleed is a vulnerability in OpenSSL that came to light in April of 2014; it can be traced to a single line of code.

Encrypted blocks of multicolored data cubes rolling out.

Intro to MongoDB’s queryable encryption

MongoDB 6.0 introduces a preview feature that pulls off the quasi-magical feat of allowing encrypted data to be used as the target of searches, without ever transmitting the keys to the database.

computer worm  / abstract lines / replication

Stuxnet explained: The first known cyberweapon

Thanks to Stuxnet, we now live in a world where code can destroy machinery and stop (or start) a war.

A laptop sits on the surface of a stormy sea. [disaster recovery / crisis management]

WannaCry explained: A perfect ransomware storm

WannaCry is a virulent ransomware attack that was designed by a North Korean hacker gang and takes advantage of a Windows vulnerability that remains unpatched on too many computers.

Tech Spotlight   >   Cloud [CSO]   >   Conceptual image of laptop users with cloud security overlay.

Five things security pros want from CNAPP

New research reveals what practitioners believe is most important for cloud security technology.

Zoom video conferencing  >  One user connected via laptop showing a grid of remote participants.

5 best practices for secure collaboration

How successful companies are facing the challenges of securing emerging communication technologies.

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