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CSO serves enterprise security decision-makers and users with the critical information they need to stay ahead of evolving threats and defend against criminal cyberattacks. With incisive content that addresses all security disciplines from risk management to network defense to fraud and data loss prevention, CSO offers unparalleled depth and insight to support key decisions and investments for IT security professionals.

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Daniel Masaoka

Michael Nadeau
Executive Editor

CSO Assigning Editors

Regional Executive Editor: Andrew Flynn
Regional Editor: Samira Sarraf
Regional Editor: Michael Hill

Executive Editor, News: Marc Ferranti
News Editor, APAC: Varun Aggarwal

Senior Writer: Lucian Constantin

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Foundry Editorial Management

Amy Bennett
Amy Bennett
Editor in Chief, Foundry Enterprise
Matt Egan
Matt Egan
Global Editorial Director, Foundry

Foundry Community Editors

(Events, awards, webinars)

Xiou Ann Lim
Xiou Ann Lim
ASEAN Editor
Edmund Kennedy
Edmund Kennedy
Australia Editor

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