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What does it mean for cybersecurity to “align with the business"?

Showing how security helps business achieve its objectives is a two-step process: Speak the language of business and do cost-benefit analyses that prove value returned.

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Security startups to watch for 2022

Security startups are often innovation leaders. These are some of the most interesting ones to watch as they tackle issues around cloud security, asset management and more.

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New Linux-based ransomware targets VMware servers

Cheerscript plants double-extortion malware on ESXi servers.


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Mastercard expands cybersecurity, risk services with new attack simulation and assessment platform

Financial services giant says new Cyber Front platform leverages more than 3,500 real-world threat scenarios and will help businesses and governments enhance cybersecurity operational resilience.

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Remote bricking of Ukrainian tractors raises agriculture security concerns

Modern agriculture depends on internet-connected machinery that is centrally controlled and collects and analyzes massive amounts of data, making it an inviting target for threat actors.

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7 top privileged access management tools

Good management of privileged credentials can stop or slow an attacker's movement through your network. These PAM tools are among the best.

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Microsoft security vulnerabilities drop after five-year rise

While elevated privilege attacks remain a critical security concern when using Microsoft products, a new report says that the raw number of vulnerabilities is dropping.

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Chris Wysopal: Open source is becoming a national security risk

The Veracode CTO explains what set the Log4j vulnerabilities apart, how it raised awareness of issues around open source security, and where he sees progress.

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PIXM releases new computer vision solution for mobile phishing

PIXM Mobile uses computer vision tech to identify and stop phishing attacks on mobile devices in real time, as a user clicks on a malicious link.


Chaos ransomware explained: A rapidly evolving threat

The Chaos ransomware builder, now rebranded as Yashma, is quickly improving and being adopted by cybercriminal groups.


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New Mend service auto-detects and fixes code, app security issues

Mend, formerly WhiteSource, announces new service designed to detect and fix code security issues, reduce the software attack surface and application security burden.

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Patching the latest Active Directory vulnerabilities is not enough

Follow these steps after running the November and May Microsoft updates to fully address Active Directory vulnerabilities.

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Security and privacy laws, regulations, and compliance: The complete guide

This handy directory provides summaries and links to the full text of each security or privacy law and regulation.

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HYAS brings security threat detection, response to production networks

HYAS Confront uses domain expertise and proprietary machine learning to monitor and detect anomalies in production network environments and improve visibility as applications move to the cloud.

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Exium expands SASE, 5G-based security for midsize enterprise networks

The on-premises module offers new capabilities, based on 5G standards, for midsize businesses.