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How to defend Windows networks against destructive cyberattacks

Defending against attacks intended to destroy systems rather than steal or extort requires a different approach, as Russia's cyberattacks against Ukraine demonstrate.

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Data residency laws pushing companies toward residency as a service

Many countries now require companies that operate within its boundaries to store data on their residents locally. Using residency-as-a-service providers is becoming an important option.

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SEC eyes more expansive cybersecurity requirements

New rules for publicly traded companies could add protections for consumer information, strengthen incident reporting, and require assessment of third-party risk.


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Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to address organizational risk

NIST's CSF, used with other guidance, can help map risk to actual threats and better comply with security mandates such as the U.S.'s cybersecurity executive order.

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Prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities in the wake of Log4J and Microsoft's Patch Tuesday blunder

Vulnerability disclosures often come in bunches, and unvetted patch updates can create their own problems. Here's how to assess and prioritize both.

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Education sector hounded by cyberattacks in 2021

The education and research sector recorded a 75% year-on-year increase in cyberattacks as the move to working from home enlarged the attack surface and opened up new vulnerabilities.

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High anxiety spreads among Russian criminal groups in wake of REvil raid

Fearful chatter reveals unprecedented concern about future criminal operations, though some doubt Russia's commitment to stopping ransomware.

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22 cybersecurity myths organizations need to stop believing in 2022

Security teams trying to defend their organizations need to adapt quickly to new challenges. Yesterday’s buzzwords and best practices have become today’s myths.

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Red vs. blue vs. purple teams: How to run an effective exercise

Playing the role of an attacker can make your team better at defense if you include all the stakeholders and carefully design goals.

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MoonBounce UEFI implant used by spy group brings firmware security into spotlight

The MoonBounce rootkit implants a malicious driver in the Windows kernel to provide persistence and stealthiness.


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Attackers use public cloud providers to spread RATs

Cisco discovers malware campaign using Azure and AWS to spread Nanocore, Netwire and AsyncRATs.

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McAfee, FireEye merger yields Trellix, a unified XDR security company

Trellix will build on existing McAfee and Fire Eye applications, machine learning and automation technology to create an XDR platform of interoperable of products for threat prevention, detection and response.

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Cybersecurity Snippets

Security hygiene and posture management: A 2022 priority

Disjointed tools and manual processes provide an incomplete and unacceptable picture of cyber-risk.

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New US CISO appointments, January 2022

Keep up with news of CSO, CISO, and other senior security executive appointments.

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Biden memo aims to bolster cybersecurity in national security systems

A national security memorandum places new cybersecurity requirements for reporting and preventing security incidents involving sensitive national security systems.