PCWorld's best PC games of 2015

IDG.TV | Dec 17, 2015

From Witcher 3 to Kerbal Space Program, these are the PC games that rocked our socks in 2015.

Music: Should be the game music for each, dipped and raised on title cards I assume. Intro can be literally anything. Should probably be "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas for thematic consistency, or maybe "Good Riddance" by Green Day for lovable cliche.

Ah, December—a time for chestnuts roasting on an open fire, snowmen getting married in the park, copious amounts of rum-filled eggnog, and screaming matches because your uncle thinks Undertale should be on this list.

Here's PCWorld's top 5 games of 2015. We look forward to your comments.

Hey, Kerbal Space Program actually "released" this year, I say with a generous helping of air quotes. On Steam Early Access for two years, plenty of people—including me—were already playing this space program simulator. But its official 1.0 release gets an official nod from us as one of the best of 2015. Honorable mention goes to all the hours I spent trawling Wikipedia articles about retrograde motion and air braking.

Crypt of the Necrodancer
Crypt of the Necrodancer is like Zelda starring John Travolta, or at least John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, dressed in a suit of armor. And also John Travolta is a lady.
Okay, the point is that it's a dungeon crawler where everything moves and attacks to the beat of the background music. If you thought Rock Band needed swords, this is your game. And if you're feeling really crazy, you can even play the game with a DDR mat. PCWorld is not responsible if you break your leg doing so.

Pillars of Eternity
"You must gather your party before venturing forth." Pillars of Eternity comes straight out of 1998, the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate that I waited over a decade for. This is a nostalgia trip, pure and simple, from the chunky mid-90s RPG dialogue to the Infinity Engine-esque interface. The isometric CRPG is back in force.

Rocket League
It's a pretty simple and uh...pretty dumb concept—soccer with cars. But it's also, no joke, maybe the best sports game ever made. Technically a follow-up to the awkwardly-named "Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars," I've been playing at least a few hours of this game per week since it released this summer. It also wins "Best DLC of 2015," thanks to a kick-ass Back to the Future pack.

Witcher 3
This is it. PCWorld's Game of the Year for 2015. There were a ton of open-world games this year, from Mad Max to Fallout 4 to—yes—a pretty decent Assassin's Creed. But The Witcher 3 did by far the most to push both the genre and medium forward, with developer CD Projekt figuring out how story could complement player freedom without compromising quality. A strong main story, even stronger side quests, and a healthy dose of unicorn sex make Witcher 3 our favorite game of 2015.