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Evaluation Guide: How to Choose the Right BI & Analytics Platform

The transition to a modern business intelligence model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach that includes the business in all aspects of the overall program. This guide focuses on the platform evaluation and selection.

Redefining the role of IT in a Modern BI World

As self-service analytics becomes the norm, the role of IT is evolving from a producer to a strategic partner. IT professionals are helping their organizations transition from a traditional top-down approach to analytics driven by IT to a self-service approach enabled by IT and led by the business.

Security Trends in High Tech

Are BOTs Good or Bad? Both is the answer. 63% of security respondents view BOTs as a tool as well as a security risk. All websites receive BOT traffic daily but not all BOTs are created equal.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NTT DATA

The Best Exotic Marigold Hospital: Hilton Digital Experience

The hospitality industry has used digital tools giving guests a greater sense of autonomy, more personal choices and to reduce the "friction" inherent in travel and shopping. This session explores the question: How can healthcare use digital tools and the lessons from the hotel and retail industries to increase patients' sense of control and personalize the hospital stay in ways that result in more positive and more powerful patient engagement?

The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence

Your organization has plenty of data, and you understand the nuances of your marketplace. But traditional approaches to business intelligence are too slow, inflexible, and expensive. You need an approach to business intelligence that is governed and scales yet allows your business users to ask and answer their own questions with data.

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

Over the last few years, data has become the lifeblood of organizations. Those that harnessed the power of this data by empowering business users found competitive advantage and were able to innovate faster. This change caused tension in organizations between the old way and the new modern approach to BI.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai

Top 10 Things to Look for in a Cloud Security Solution Provider

Searching for a Cloud Security Provider can be confusing. Many providers appear the same at first glance: similar metrics, similar promises. The fact is, the information you need to make a real comparison requires asking questions and probing for details that cloud services vendors don't always volunteer.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

6 Discoveries IT Security Pros Need to know about SSL Inspection

Encryption is necessary to protect online data in transit from being compromised. But the threat is continuously evolving. Bad actors are now leveraging SSL-based encryption to hide malicious activity from existing security controls and technology.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

DDoS Factor: Cost, Facts & Insights into 2017's Most Advanced Cyberattack Vector

Media coverage is omnipresent. But do DDoS attacks have any real-world financial ramifications? Depends on the business or industry, but the short answer is yes.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

Hidden Encrypted Threats to Your Data and How to Uncover Them

The cost of a data breach has steadily increased over the past several years, hitting $3.79 million, up from $3.5 million in 2015, according to the Ponemon Institute. In response, organizations are stepping up security practices, including data encryption. Encrypting a record can reduce its breach-related costs more than any other measure and extending this to communications is critical.

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