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Kung Fu Panda: Master of Data Security

How does DreamWorks Animation keep its data safe? Hear from Kung Fu Panda himself, Master Po Ping, the Global Chief Protection Officer of DreamWorks Animation. Po may be the "Master of Security", but he gets a little help from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to watch over DreamWorks' data kingdom, where hundreds of employees around the world share confidential digital files.

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Supercharge Your Apps with All-Flash Storage

The tipping point has arrived. Large enterprises are planning their next generation datacenters around flash-based storage, and for good reason. Flash arrays provide read and write performance that is orders of magnitude faster than spinning media at a total cost of ownership that is on par with disk and will soon be lower. Read this ebook to learn more about why flash is becoming the standard for new storage investments.

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Top 6 Must-Haves to Succeed in Cloud Service Commerce

From a compelling product catalog, to billing, to single sign-on, and more, this guide details the six more important elements you need to successfully sell cloud services.

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5 Ways Excel Accelerates Your Return On SAP FICO Business Processes

How can a finance and/or controller professional access SAP FICO data leveraging Microsoft Excel in a highly usable and interoperable fashion while respecting all of the SAP core security and governance controls?

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An Easy, Flexible, Alternative to LSMW for Business Users

Uploading bulk information to SAP doesn't have to be time consuming and complex. Rather than rely on SAP's Legacy System Workbench (LSMW) which was designed for IT professionals for data migration projects, business users can leverage a non-technical alternative in a few simple steps to create and update data in SAP for everyday business transactions and data projects.

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Automate Your Software Supply Chain with Precise Intelligence

Today, developers assemble software using processes that were born in modern manufacturing. Studies show, 80% of a typical application consists of open source components. But how do organizations maintain software quality, consistency, and scalability?

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Control your infrastructure: HPE OneView for VMware vCenter

To ensure business growth and success, you need to create competitive differentiation. Differentiation requires innovation. And innovation requires leveraging your IT and transitioning to a software-defined data center (SDDC). You can do it - with HPE OneView for VMware vCenter.

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Demystifying the Kill Chain and How to Use Threat Intelligence to Better Protect

New threats are emerging from a broad range of global threat actors. To fight back, you need threat intelligence across all seven levels of the Kill Chain. This webcast explores the best way to gain critical threat intelligence and how to apply it in a layered approach.

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DevSecOps: How to Seamlessly Integrate Security Into DevOps

Information security architects must integrate security at multiple points into DevOps workflows where it's largely transparent to developers. Traditional static or dynamic security testing is too heavyweight, complex and won't work or scale for DevOps. Read this Gartner research to get strong recommendations on how you can preserve the speed and agility of DevOps while ensuring security.

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ebook: Accelerate DevOps Early, Everywhere at Scale

Read this ebook to learn more about how you can use precise component intelligence and DevOps automation to accelerate development without sacrificing software quality.

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