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White Paper | Presented by VividCortex

4 Key Capabilities of Database Performance Monitoring

These capabilities aren't mere bells and whistles-the features described here are more fundamental, and though some product-specific characteristics may touch on these concepts, they also represent bigger philosophical differences in how a solution approaches its task and goals.

5 Things You Need To Know About Implementing A Multi-CDN Strategy

How to Maximize Content Delivery Performance by Identifying The Pitfalls and Possibilities of a Multi-CDN Strategy

White Paper | Presented by Tasktop

An IT Executive's Guide to Improving your Agile Practice

You've introduced Agile practices to your organization. You've trained your people, executed the Agile way and brought in new tools. And perhaps you've successfully executed a few Agile projects with a core development and test team.Now it is time to expand Agile practices to other disciplines in your value stream within the software development and delivery lifecycle.

White Paper | Presented by Gartner

Gartner Research - Building a Digital Business Technology Platform

What are the technology building blocks an enterprise needs to support digital business? This report details how CIOs and IT leaders can use the five major platforms required to enable the new capabilities and business models of digital business.

The Hard Costs of Network Outages

IT professionals must get serious about reducing network downtime to zero. Learn how the right Managed Service Provider can help you improve performance and reliability, consolidate SLAs, eliminate points of failure, and improve ROI, all in a focused effort to delivering 100% uptime.

The Why, the What and the How of the Software-Defined Data Center

In this white paper we discuss what SDDC is, why it's inevitable, and how it works. We cut through unnecessary technicalities to get to the heart of the matter. We also offer a brief overview of the sponsors of this paper - McAfee and VMware - and of their relevant solutions.

Beyond Mobile: Building a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

This eBook describes the opportunity and challenges in developing an omnichannel (web, mobile, wearables) strategy and how organizations can take advantage of analytics to improve user experience across channels.

Building A Better Digital Experience

Technology advancement has never felt so fast and relentless, and the instant impact it is having on business can feel suffocating for those trying to keep up with the latest developments. Embracing digital is the goal for which everyone is shooting and there is a real fear of missing the shift in the market.

eBook | Presented by CA Technologies

E.P.I.C. Application Performance Management

By 2017, the combined value of paid apps, app-enabled purchases of goods and services, and in-app advertising is expected to double to $151 billion in the US. Welcome to the application economy.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Forcepoint

Retail Network Security Trends and Threats Report Webcast

In this webcast Michael Osterman will share the results of a large survey focused on large retail organizations undertaken by Osterman Research on behalf of Forcepoint.

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