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eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Modernize Your IT Approach and Increase M&A Success

Virtually all large enterprises engage in merger & acquisition (M&A) activity at some point, for a wide variety of reasons and with a broad spectrum of business objectives. Yet upwards of 70% of M&A initiatives fail to deliver the expected business results, undercutting the expected value of these transactions, which in 2015 amounted to more than $4.5 trillion globally. Read this eBook to learn more.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems

The 6 Essential Requirements for Managing ADCs in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Having a local data center gives you full control over your infrastructure, but adding capacity takes massive amounts of time and money. Conversely, a cloud-based data center offers unlimited infrastructure on-demand on a pay-for-use basis, making it an attractive option. However, most organizations today can't just rely on one or the other.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems

The ADC Guide to Managing Hybrid (IT and DevOps) Application Delivery

Together, NetScaler ADC and NetScaler MAS help IT identify faults across all of your ADC environments, enabling you to utilize the data center resources that you need so that you can maintain application performance-and keep costs down. In addition, NetScaler provides integration with automation and cloud orchestration systems to support application rollouts with self-service capabilities.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems

The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right ADC for the Digital Transformation Era

This eBook will focus on considerations that you should make when deciding on an ADC solution that can not only survive these changes, but help create opportunities for innovation as the enterprise strives towards digital transformation. This guide will help you understand the changes that are currently underway, and enable you to invest with confidence as you plan your application delivery strategy for the next five-year cycle.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems

The Top 6 WAF Essentials to Achieve Application Security Efficacy

NetScaler AppFirewall can be used in conjunction with NetScaler Security Insight to provide an overall view of security posture, a summary of factors contributing to the level of threat imposed on applications, and actionable data that security teams can use to mitigate security risks, maintain integrity, and achieve compliance.

eBook | Presented by Pure Storage

All-Flash Data Centers for Dummies

Smart storage solutions, such as all-flash systems, provide companies with cloud-like productivity, efficiency, and economics. Read the eBook and learn how to contain your storage costs, attain storage simplicity and manageability, ways to achieve scalability and agility, and reasons you need all-flash storage.

eBook | Presented by 10th Magnitude

The Six Keys to Microsoft Azure Migration Success

To maximize the benefits of cloud adoption, companies need to migrate to the cloud in a smart way. In this eBook, 10th Magnitude shares the Azure migration success guidelines learned over the course of hundreds of Azure consulting engagements with customers of all sizes across multiple industries.

eBook | Presented by Jamf

A User-Centric Focus: Shaping the IT Landscape

With technology seemingly everywhere, a new generation of employees seeks a seemingly modern technology experience at work. This shift in employee mentality is prompting IT to reevaluate the definition of IT service, and the practices and workflows they deploy to users. The question is how does IT shift their practices to embrace the user-centric trend?

eBook | Presented by OpenText

EDI Basics

Whether you're new to Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) or looking to enhance your understanding, EDI Basics is for you. This ebook explains fundamental EDI concepts in simple language to help you move away from old, manual processes to an automated supply chain.

eBook | Presented by

Salesforce App Cloud E-Book: Leading the IT Revolution

See how 12 IT visionaries are transforming their organizations - and how you can too.

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