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What is gamification? Lessons for awareness programs from Pokemon Go

Gamification is a way to reward people for exhibiting a desired behavior. It is not merely creating a game for people to play, nor making training a game. As Pokemon Go turns a year old, here are some of the things awareness programs...

Buses helped extend the reach of Africa Code Week in October, 2015.

Can computer science education be fun?

Games that focus on concepts over programming languages teach students to think like a computer while having a little fun.

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Cybersecurity for Family Offices: Q&A with the director of the Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank

An interview with Edward Marshall, director, Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank. Jeremy King asks questions about how Family Offices deal with cybersecurity risks and threats.

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How cognitive and robotic automation play in SecOps

Automation is everywhere, yet consistently used at the wrong times and in the wrong ways, leading to a rise in breaches and millions of unfilled security analyst positions. What are the different types of automation? How does human...

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IoT messaging protocol is big security risk

MQTT, a popular IoT messaging protocol and Oasis standard, is often left wide open to attacks. Organizations like hospitals, prisons, and critical infrastructure are often vulnerable to IoT device compromise.

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Just because it's news doesn't mean it's new

What's new about ransomware is the way we're reacting to it.

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Why automation isn’t everything in cybersecurity

Everything is becoming more automated, but what does this really mean or look like for SecOps? How do you evolve with automation while still keeping your analysts?

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Global cyber reconnaissance against the energy sector

Media blares that our nuclear plants are compromised. Media is wrong. Again.

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Exploit attacker playbooks to improve security

Rick Howard lines up a Security Slap Shot on improving security by going after attacker playbooks.

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Chances are good ... that you’re already infected

Businesses in certain industries need to accept the fact that they are high-priority targets...and may have already been breached.

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IT is NOT Cybersecurity

The differences between IT and Security teams and why you need both. In less than 10 years, we will all look back and wonder how businesses ever got along without both teams. Cybersecurity is not a function of IT operations.

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Buying cyber insurance: buyer beware

Having resilience in the face of a cyber incident is not just limited to technical. Financial risks need resilience factors like cyber insurance coverage.

The Internet of Identities (IoI)

IoT, mobility, cloud and pressing security needs mean that every node must have a trustworthy identity and a secure path to network services.

New reality of ransomware attacks spikes FUD in cybersecurity

Cyber attacks and ransomware are in the news, raising fear of a digital Pearl Harbor.

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Trust and safety 101

Creating a trust and safety team, even if it consists of a small group of part-time employees, can pay dividends in brand equity and user trust.

Microsoft's new winning dev strategy: Open source

Rethinking what it means to win in security

Security leaders need to celebrate success with a better definition of winning.

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These are the good ol' days of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is getting more and more difficult. We will look back on today as the good ol' days in the very near future. Michael Lester shares some of his visions of what cybersecurity will look like in the future.

Las Vegas Sign for Blackhat DefCon Event [by Skeeze / CC0 via Pixabay]

3 tips to get the most out of Black Hat/Defcon

Las Vegas. Hate it or love it, for seven days each year Sin City is the gathering place for BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, and DEF CON. Combined, these events are arguably the largest security gathering in North America, with...

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Understanding the basics of threat abstraction and modeling

Threat Abstraction and Modeling is an important piece of planning in the enterprise as it can be used as an approach to better secure software. Spending some time during your planning stages thinking about threats and potential...

How Cisco is establishing itself as a cybersecurity leader

Cisco demonstrated its commitment to cybersecurity at its annual customer event. It's in a good position but has lots of work ahead.

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