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Shift your perspective on cybercrime to realize how well you’re doing

Absolute numbers often suggest a serious impact that demands attention. When we learn to shift our perspective, however, sometimes we find a far better story than we expected.

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What is key to improving the ratio of women in cybersecurity?

The biennial (ISC)2 report shows that the percentage of women in cybersecurity remains unchanged. Given the significant shortfall of security talent, what can we learn from this report about how to fix our weak and leaky pipeline?


Is Snapchat building the iPhone killer?

Snapchat's parent company has hired mobile engineering and design talent away from Apple, HTC, and Google. Could a Snapchat phone be in the works?

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All aboard the blockchain train

Blockchain gains attention as its uses are tested across payment platforms.


Network World Pi Day Challenge

Network World editors Keith Shaw and Brandon Butler compete against each other to see who can recite more digits of Pi in honor of Pi Day. Which editor wins and gets to put a pie in the face of the loser?


Why security leaders need to embrace rapid detection

Patrick Dennis shares insights on the changing nature of endpoint protection and the resulting need for rapid detection matched to confident action

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Is your family's cybersecurity worth $20 a month?

If you're anything like me you're probably constantly on the prowl for WiFi networks to log into so that you can work, listen to music, browse, shop or read. Without being connected to the cloud via the internet your laptop or iPad...

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Is the cyber crisis real or fiction?

There has been a lot of commentary about the cybersecurity hiring crisis. Reports indicate that there are too few candidates for positions and there is no assurance that the future will be better. Is this reported crisis real? It may...

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How to destroy angels

An Internet of Things security researcher and exploit developer's professional analysis of the progress made by the CIA in the context of the Weeping Angels smart television research project.


Pi Day Challenge: Live on March 14!

To celebrate the 2017 Pi Day, Network World editors Brandon Butler and Keith Shaw are preparing for the Network World Pi Day Challenge. Who can recite more digits of Pi? The winner gets to put a pie into the face of the loser....

marissa mayer president ceo yahoo

Yahoo and 'the failure to comprehend'

One of the biggest challenges facing the C-suite and boards is the failure to comprehend the universality of cyber security threats.

workplace violence

Workplace violence: Prevention and response

Every year nearly 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence, which is defined as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. This article will...

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New ways to think and speak risk

Taking a step back and finding new ways to look at the age old problem of risk


iPhone 8: New secrets revealed?

It’s promising to be a big year for the iPhone 8 and we already have our fair share of rumors, from a FaceTime camera suited for augmented reality to an OLED bar replacing the physical Home button.

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Why the Ukraine power grid attacks should raise alarm

The cyber-attacks in Ukraine are the first publicly acknowledged incidents to result in massive power outages. Grid defenders should develop anticipatory responses to these and other ICS attacks.

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3 ways to improve the security of identity and access management

A highly effective identity and access management program will always deliver business value. However, treating architecture and security as an afterthought can - and often does - result in massive data breaches that have significant...

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Parting advice from Howard Schmidt

Security expert Ira Winkler reflects on the late-Howard Schmidt.


Congrats - you’re the new CISO…now what

Before you buy that new shiny product, throw that old one in the trash, hire that whiz kid dressed in black, or change that process, you need foundational visibility into your security posture regarding what’s working and what’s not....

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