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How the lack of application development environments leads to reliability weaknesses

The software development life cycle (SDLC) serves a purpose within DevOps. Are you preparing for future failure?


Are we ready for biometrics to speed us to the airport gate?

Are the current implementations of biometrics ready for mass adoption?

Brain circuitry

Cybersecurity skills shortage hurts security analytics, operations

Security staff and skills deficits lead to weaknesses in areas such as threat hunting, prioritizing security alerts, and computer forensics.

Crossing the Narrow Sea: mitigating island hopping

Your supply chain is being invaded. It's time to discuss how best to manage risk to your supply chain and reputation in 2017.

Hacking stealing password data.

Using risk for adaptive security

How automated responses to risk-scored activity can reduce threats.

What to expect at Black Hat: Security hype and reality

Look for machine learning, automation, orchestration, integration and threat intelligence to dominate the Black Hat security conference.

mobile device management

Is your cellphone number just as valuable as your social security number?

Recent news coverage has touted that cell phone numbers are just as valuable to hackers and identity thieves as Social Security Numbers. But, that's not the case at all.

messaging apps threats security privacy thought bubbles

Can Shakespeare solve our messaging app crisis?

The messaging app Telegram announced earlier this week it was stepping up its efforts to thwart terrorism communication. A college literature professor may have the perfect solution for the problem.

Anonymized identity

The thorny issue of verifying humans

Customer identity access management and how verification of users is not working. A look at the concept of levels of assurance (LOA) as an integer based system that needs a rethink. How probability based identity is the way forward....

negotiating contracts ts

Know the 'real' price of vendor contracts

Although many vendor engagements result in close working relationships, the age of predatory vendors is upon us. What can you do to avoid them?

umbrella businessman protection stormy dark insurance

Are your corporate cyber defenses adequate?

Most of the organizations I speak with are talking about cyber-risk these days, and for good reason. Unfortunately, many of them are doing a lot more talking than actually doing. Some of this is human nature – threats are “somebody...

pixabay cybersecurity stock

Security and education in the wake of WannaCry, Petya

To prevent from becoming victims of cyber attacks like WannaCry, enterprises should regularly back up data, patch software and use automated security services.

storm clouds dark

Developer hangs patient data out in a cloud—for two years

In 2015, a developer at UIHC inadvertently put the personal data of about 5,300 patients in an open store in the cloud. UIHC found out about it in 2017.

snow globe security

Increased cyber awareness must lead to equivalent action

Recent ransomware attacks underscore the importance of a unified global response.

Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

3 compliance considerations for containerized environments

Compliance needs to transition into an ongoing activity that can be done continuously through software and deliver both visibility and policy enforcement.

Cybersecurity operations more difficult than it was 2 years ago

New ESG research finds more threats, more work and more alerts make it difficult for cybersecurity professionals to keep up.

big data risks

MQTT is not evil, just not always secure

The MQTT messaging protocol standard used by IoT vendors is not inherenly secure enough. Solutions exist to secure it, but organizations and vendors must assess risk and properly configure IoT and network security.

10 fbi

Ghosts in the machine

On May 19, 1996, Leslie Isben Rogge become the first person on the 10 Most Wanted List to be apprehended due to the Internet. The FBI hasn’t been the same since.

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