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Are new security specialists starting at a disadvantage?

Sanjay Raja lines up for a Security Slap Shot on how the current pathway into security puts people at a disadvantage

Bank vault

PII of 1 million compromised in Washington State University safe heist

WSU backed up their data for their Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) and locked the hard drive in a safe. The safe was stolen and now the PII of 1million individuals has been compromised.

cyber attack virus meltdown

Despite the warnings, corporate cyber defenses remain inadequate

If anything, 2017 will be remembered as the year of the cyber-attack. No business is safe. No industry is exempt. In this article, Mike Overly takes a detailed look at the WannaCry ransomware attack and recent cyber-attack statistics,...

smart cities iot

Getting smarter about making cities smart

Many cities claim to be ahead of smart curve, but find themselves handcuffed by custom systems

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Cell phone spoofing: Security risk or just annoying?

Phone calls and text messages from unknown callers—cell phone spoofing is becoming more prevalent and raises security concerns.

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Yes, Uber can – and will – get worse

It might be hard to imagine how things could get worse for Uber – but they will!

career success

Your dream job is waiting!

I'm a senior Cloud Compliance Architect, but how did I get here? Lots of mountains to climb, education, experience and certifications. I hope to inspire our young people to never give up, keep focused, have a passion for what you do...

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Why go to women-focused technology events?

Why would a woman who's perfectly comfortable in groups predominantly populated by men want to step out of her comfort zone to attend women-focused technology groups?

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Make better security buying decisions with use cases

Know your risk, then look to use cases to understand what a security product actually does before you invest in anything.

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Where to spend your next security dollar

Use executive security education to build your security program.

cybersecurity budgets

Top 5 cybersecurity facts, figures and statistics for 2017

Predictions and observations provide a 30,000-foot view of the cybersecurity industry.

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Cybersecurity spend: ROI Is the wrong metric

Think about what your network defenders do throughout the day, every day, in the course of getting their jobs done. Can you describe it in one sentence? How would you characterize the thousands of tasks that the InfoSec team fields...


CRASHOVERRIDE poised to affect Natural Gas?

New malware affecting Ukraine's electric grid poses a future threat to US natural gas industry

medical heart rate monitor ekg hospital

Medical devices: Embedded product security

Medical devices may have significant security risks associated with them. Let's look at the vulnerabilities they may have.

8 encryption

Who's Down with MPC? (Yeah, You Know Me!)

MultiParty Computation improves data security by calculating encrypted information - what is not revealed cannot be leaked.

hacked hacker breach security

Risk aware IAM for an insecure world

In a world full of uncertainties and data breaches, IDaaS providers must deliver more than ever, faster than ever, for businesses to succeed at building trusted relationships and delighting customers at every interaction.


The best identity management advice right now

We've never been closer to getting pervasive, global identities. And with 2FA/MFA, you get all of the benefit with less of the risk.

Election 2016 teaser - Electronic voting security for digital election data

We can't accept election hacking as a new normal

As the investigations into whether Russian hackers influenced the 2016 Presidential election in the US continue, the rest of the world prepares for the new normal of election hacking.

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