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employees technology planning data [Computerworld, January-February 2017 - HR IT]

Top 4 reasons to become a CISSP

Why IT security pros should join the growing ranks of Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.

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IT mistakes that could cost an organization millions

Here are some scenarios for N00bs to safeguard against costly mistakes for them and their company.

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Three shoddy security tropes it's time to retire

It's not unusual for our collective cultural or technological understanding to discredit certain tropes over time. Tired cliches about shoddy security practices have been especially slow to be moved to the ash heap of history. Here...

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Information security professionalism requires both credentialing and codes of professional practice

It's time for information security practitioners to be recognized as professionals. But that will require self-discipline. Independent validation of skills and the promulgation of strong and enforceable codes of professional practice...

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China's hand caught in the cookie jar

China's hand was caught in the cookie jar, again. In early April 2017, an employee of Siemens was arrested on suspicion of espionage, the theft of trade secrets and intellectual property.

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Keep the change: 9 steps to adapting to IT security

Changing the way we look at "security" could make the difference in how successful we are. Here's a step-by-step process CSOs and their teams can implement to integrate any type of GRC or Infrastructure Security change initiative into...

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You can steal my identity, but not my behavior

The compromise and misuse of identity is at the core of modern threats and data breaches. This has been documented for years and continues to escalate. As a result, we are rapidly approaching the end of life for password-based...

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Secure systems and the three little pigs

How to create a secure systems development practice in spite of Agile, DevOps and changing threats


The intersection of DevOps and application security

This article discusses DevOps security and the application security tools that need to be embedded within its process. These additions enable proper InfoSec protection of web applications.

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Security leaders need to sprint before getting forced to scramble

Udi Mokady shares insights on the changing nature of security threats and how a focused sprint now builds trust and sets the stage for future success

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What security practitioners can learn from the United’s failures

The United airlines debacle was a complete failure of process, and many security programs suffer the same fate.

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Protecting vital water infrastructure

Safe drinking water is a necessity for protecting public health and safety. Water systems in the United States perpetuate all human activity and properly treated wastewater is vital for preventing disease and protecting the...

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How one personal cyber insurance policy stacks up

As policies designed for consumers emerge, the example from AIG is surprisingly comprehensive.

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National cyber competition reveals top security talent

University of Maryland, Baltimore County takes ranks first place in 2017 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Championship. Find out how they did it.

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Honesty is not the best privacy policy

Hackers, tech companies and governments want our personal information. Only lies can save us now.

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Why you can’t afford not to train veterans in cyber security

By 2019 ISACA estimates over 2 million cyber security roles will remain unfilled. A natural solution to this problems is retraining veterans to fill these positions.

Security hurdles in cloud collaboration applications, and how to clear them

Security is a primary reason why organizations hold out on cloud-based productivity/collaboration platforms

Apple Clips First Look

Hands-on with Apple's new video-editing app, Clips

How does Clips compare to Snapchat when it comes to making fun videos? We put Apple's new app to the test.

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