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China's theft of IBM's intellectual property

Guilty plea of Xu Jiaqiang an IBM employee for theft of intellectual property and economic espioange

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Iran espionage capabilities have a powerful bite

Look at the threat posed by IRAN to the United States and elsewhere

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Why existing solutions let security leaders maximize value

Eddy Bobritsky explains why existing solutions create the opportunity to maximize value before looking for something new

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With risk accountability, and a resilient, sustainable cyber workforce for all...

Cyber security within the public sector is at a critical juncture. The recently signed executive order on cybersecurity is a promising development.

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How 'smart cities' push IoT cybersecurity for state and local IT

The internet of things is at a much more mature place at the state and local level than it is in the federal government or even private industry. It’s a balancing act, clearly, between government leaders working to implement IoT...

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DevOps and cloud infrastructure permutations

The cloud has one DevOps advantage - it limits the number of permutations of storage, network, and CPU combinations that can be used for infrastructure (IaaS).

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Researchers and defenders needed in IIoT

Strategies to overcome the complexity of patching vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure

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Achieving compliance in the cloud

More and more organizations are moving towards cloud technologies for scalability, cost reduction, and new service offerings. In this short article we will review cloud basics and look at auditing for compliance challenges.

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Your data has been kidnapped… now what?

If you think you're not a target for a cyberattack recent "ransomware" incidents should make you think again. Ransomware attacks are different than what most people perceive as a cyberattack. There's no theft of data or interest in...

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Did Kaspersky step in dog-doo?

How did Kaspersky find themselves in the cross hairs of the US intelligence community

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3 Things I want to see at Google I/O

Google I/O is set to kick off in just a few days, so here are three things we hope to see.

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Worldwide threat assessment - The Director National Intelligence's view

Director National Intelligence presented his state of the global threats to the United States to the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

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Are venture capitalists the new stewards of modern security research and development?

Is the innovation you seek available from the security startup you don’t know about yet?

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The Knights Fork: Hunting the hunter

The true ROI of cybersecurity investment is the delta in dwell time. There is direct correlation between cybersecurity investment and brand protection. Hunting gives an organization the opportunity to turn the tables on an adversary....

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With security awareness, money talks

One problem with what we tell employees about taking security precautions is that the precautions interfere with their jobs.

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Security leaders can unite the business around identity

Kevin Cunningham shares insights on why identity is a smart way to bring your business colleagues together to support security efforts

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Email, email, in the cloud

The transition from on-premises to cloud-based email is an opportunity to tighten security controls.

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Women in cybersecurity need to take more risks

Projecting confidence and taking risk are keys to success for women in cyber

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